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7 online video trends to watch 2014

January 10, 2014


It is always a risk trying to predict what will happen the coming year, it is always easier to predict the coming five years… But I will give it a try to do it for the Swedish (Nordic) market. 1. There will be more Netflix and Viasat subscriptions than Spotify subscribtions Already rising fast , […]

The problem with stand-alone videoplayers

December 6, 2013


I thought they had all died but just a couple of months ago another initiative was launched, Playad / Youplay. A player with content from TT and Pocket Entertainment/Anagram. The content is great so why will it die? Well, the content won´t, it will get even more valuable, but the distribution model will. For the […]

Still the same ads

September 30, 2013


Saw some recent US stats from Tremor. It is all US numbers but still interesting. – About 90% of video ads in the first quarter were repurposed TV spots and generated an 85% completion rate on average – Engagement rate for ads doubled that of a typical pre-roll when an ad included interactive elements. No […]

Time Inc and distribution

September 26, 2013


Time Inc. announced last week that they will be launching a video partner network. They will team up with different distribution partners including the AOL On Network, Alloy, NewsLook and NDN (News distribution network). Time Inc. brands will produce 50% more video content in 2013. They already have a catalogue of  700.000 videos. The interesting […]

Video is important for content marketing

September 19, 2013


Read an interesting piece about why video plays a crucial role for content marketing. They state three important forces behind this Key buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by video. Marketers need more feedback about their content. The pressure to show content ROI is increasing. There was three in particular interesting things in the article – […]

The Bergvall law

September 12, 2013


Heard this great “eponymous law” today from Gunnar Bergvall. I will name it the Bergvall law (Bergvalls lag).   People are ready to consume video according to the formula Bergvall law = The maximum amount of time a piece of content (video) that can be consumed. It equals the distance from the screen in feet […]

Distribution strategies for video content owners

August 30, 2013


You might do it out of love, creating content, but at the end of the day you need to get that check. There are four types of content owners – The Amateur, you have something that might be good and might be appreciated and want to make a living from it – The Pro, you […]

One billion in less than a month

August 30, 2013


That is the amount of M&As taking place in online video the past month. Amazing number and this still only counts for the IPO of Tremor, YuMe and The past month Maker Studios acquired Blip, Zoomin in Holland acquired Voodoo video, Grab Media got acquired by Blinkx (firesale?) and last and probably least Swedish […]

Change of direction for Multichannel Networks?

August 30, 2013


The Multichannel Networks (MCN) have had an amazing growth the past few (very few) years. The work they have done bundling parts of the black hole of Youtube is great. They have been able to aggregate disperse content into channels that are easy to understand, helping out monetizing it and built brands of their own. […]

Video advertising momentum

June 13, 2013


Doubleclick released a study about the US online video market and some very interesting facts was hidden there. News publishers are running three times more ads than a year ago.   40 percent of the video ads that ran between January and March this year were from first-time video advertisers. 68 percent of all the […]