7 online video trends to watch 2014

Posted on January 10, 2014


It is always a risk trying to predict what will happen the coming year, it is always easier to predict the coming five years… But I will give it a try to do it for the Swedish (Nordic) market.

1. There will be more Netflix and Viasat subscriptions than Spotify subscribtions

Already rising fast , Netflix in the lead and Viasat struggling to keep up. But they are pretty alone at the moment. Maybe there will be a strong initiative by TV4 this year? Maybe ComHem will ditch Tivo and get in the race…no of course not.

2. Content syndication for real

This has just begun, with Sprinkle and a bunch of other content creators/aggregators (Radr, playad, Muzu, Pocket) but also the big publishers own efforts to try to get their content out through own initiatives or with multichannel network partners such as United Screens.

The logic is simple. If you are a publisher with your own content or a content producer you need more reach in order to make money from your content it applies to everybody from Skånska Dagbladet to Aftonbladet. Get the eyeballs your content deserve. Also see my other post in the topic,

3. Mobile will cease to exist

What?! Well what I mean is that it is time to stop treating mobile as something “special”, it´s traffic already accounts for +30% of all page impressions on publishers websites. It is web content but on another platform. Companies that focus on treating mobile as something special (for example Omni or Widespace) will eventually have a hard time explaining what makes them special.

4. Automated buying

It should maybe not be on the list 2014 but is is about to happen. We see programatic buying increasing fast for display and video is, to be hones, not different, so they will emerge at the same time. But 2014? Let´s hope. I bet a lunch though that Sprinkle will get campaigns this way this year already.

5. The creation of a premium video ad network.

It hurts me to say that there are no premium networks on Sweden:( smartclip, Yume, Specific and Playad are just networks fighting to get market share with pretty much the same offer and prices get hurt. A shovel is a shovel. It doesn´t matter how it is being dressed. And it doesn´t make it better that the two other large players are Aftonbladet and Expressen. I´d rather see TV4, Dagens Nyheter, Kanal5 and Dagens Industri being more active selling value. My guess is that the publishers in Sweden have had it with the networks and create a “members only” network selling “environment” rather than “target groups”. The whole industry would benefit from it, actually also the networks but they just don´t understand it.

6. Youtube will get what they deserve

Youtube is great but not the transparency. Maybe Dagens Media, Digitalpodden and Resume will start digging and see what´s behind their  claims of reach and started streams and at the same time look at what volumes qualitative content generate.

7. Brands will be the new channels, Native explodes 2014!

In Sweden there´s no travel shows on TV and no finance TV news. The only producers within these areas today are brands (for example Apollo and Handelsbanken (EFN). This has just begun. I love it and I wish all the best for Brand new content, OTW, Hard Hat and the rest! I just hope they call me when they need distribution:)


Let´s see what it became of this January 1st 2015!